Benefits of our financing program

Our lease to purchase program allows our customers the ability to secure financing without having to provide the types of information and additional collateral that a traditional bank loan would. And our product is designed to provide significant tax savings to our customers. Please seek advice from you tax accountant on potential tax savings available to you.

With our lease to own program, we, as the lessor, retain ownership and you, as the lessee, may be allowed to claim the entire amount of the monthly payment as a tax deduction. Many rental contracts qualify as a true lease.

Example: Monthly payment is $1,600. Term is 42 months. Assuming a 33% tax bracket, your monthly tax savings would be $1,600 x .33 = $528.00. Total tax savings over the term of the contract would be $22,176.00.

In addition to costing you less on an after tax basis, our process is simple and easy to get you on your way in a timely manner.

Once your lease is paid off, we overnight you the title to your truck and will look forward to being your financing source for your future needs.


Please fill out the credit application or call (877) 568-5922. If you do not see a truck that will meet your needs, check back often, as our inventory changes frequently.

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Can you finance a semi-truck?

Yes! Our in-house financing advantage allows us to accept most, even those with poor credit. Take a look at our financing criteria.

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