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To contact us, you can email your questions to apply@wtftrucks.com or call us at 877-568-5922 and let us find you the right truck for you.


At Wholesale Truck and Finance, we pride ourselves on our long-term commitment to our clients. Simply put, our clients are our partners. We understand the needs of the trucking industry. We are here to enable and ensure your long-term business growth and stability. Wholesale Truck and Finance helps for-hire fleets, owners-operators and leasing companies make important business decisions, plan for the future, and structure truck equipment financing. Let us prove to you the value of working with a knowledgeable and stable financial partner that wants you to succeed!

As a direct lender in the transportation industry, we can help you overcome challenging economic cycles by improving your cash flow, liquidity, balance sheet and available working capital.

Our typical lease to purchase program ranges from 3 to 4 years and a tax efficient means of financing that will compete with a traditional bank loan on an after tax basis.


Every transaction is a valued opportunity to start a long-term relationship. When you apply for financing with Wholesale Truck and Finance, you will be assigned a qualified account manager. Your account manager will lead you through the process, gaining insight and understanding about your current and future financial goals and needs. We know that every client and equipment financing is unique and our account managers are prepared to assist you in making good and sound financial decisions based on your personal and financial needs and objectives. We take our responsibility seriously. We want to provide you easy access to the right equipment and ensure that help you structure the best transaction for your business.


Our goal is to help you build a strong and profitable business. We accomplish our goal by providing you with an innovative and tax efficient financing solution, passionate and knowledgeable professionals to guide you through the process, and unmatched customer support. We want to grow with you by establishing a long-term business relationship. We are committed to making your equipment financing experience a success. We measure that by repeat and referral business. Your referral of friends and colleagues is our highest compliment.

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"Thank you very much I appreciate all you have done for me during this process. I have a couple of customers to send your way shortly I have been telling them about yall"

- Avis S.